Private Virtual Training

If your busy lifestyle doesn't allow you to dedicate hours of your week to training, virtual training allows you the flexibility to train your dog whenever is most convenient for you!

Take this training from anywhere in the world, on your terms, and get all the tools you need to train your dog independently. 

You will learn techniques to communicate with your dog, and will follow a plan to train your dog independently, on your own time, with constant support for check-ins or troubleshooting.

Private Virtual Training Packages


Recommended Behaviors for Virtual Training

Happy Puppy

Basic Manners

Basic Manners is the foundation of any human-dog communication.

It includes behaviors that will help you communicate with your dog on a daily basis like:

sit, down, stay, leave it, leash manners, come, and crate training.

Whether you've just brought a puppy home for the first time, or you're facing challenges with an older dog, we can work on it!

We will set the right milestones for you and your dog, and have your dog learn where bathroom breaks are appropriate.

Cute Puppy

Potty Training

​Dogs tend to perform unwanted behaviors like barking, digging, or jumping when something triggers this behavior.

A lot of times, what we consider an "unwanted behavior" is actually natural behavior dogs perform, and we just need to teach them that we would like to see something else instead.

we will identify the triggers for the unwanted behaviors and replace those behaviors with behaviors we do want to see.

Fetching a Stick


Separation anxiety is not something you (or your dog) should have to live with. 

It is important to note that separation anxiety is an emotional response and not a behavioral issue, and should be met with patience!

Training sessions to resolve separation anxiety focus on building your dog's confidence and sense of security, by respecting their thresholds and boundaries and gently working to expand them. 

Jack Russel

Separation Anxiety