My Method

Positive Reinforcement Training allows your needs and your dog's needs to be met equally.

This training method relies on nurturing and reinforcing the bond between you and your dog.

Positive reinforcement training is a force-free, behavioral science-based training method that focuses on directing animals towards wanted behaviors, by reinforcing these behaviors with positive motivators. 

Once an animal has learned these wanted behaviors, we can then extinguish any unwanted behavior, by replacing them with wanted behaviors instead.

This training method provides many positive aspects that extend beyond the individual behaviors we want to teach. It strengthens the human-animal bond, encourages creativity in your pet, and generates enthusiastic learners, both human and animal alike. Most of all, it gives you the opportunity to connect with your dog and talk in a language you both understand! 

Brown Dogs

What is Positive Reinforcement Training?

Dogs take their emotional “cues” from us, and our perspective shapes their behavior. As opposed to force-based training methods, where dogs spend their lives anxiously avoiding behaviors that may get them punished, positive training incentivizes your dog to get creative, and explore new positive behaviors to find opportunities to “win” treats and praise.

Focusing on unwanted behavior is frustrating for us, and scary for the dog. Changing our perspective to promote positive behaviors will give you and your dog a foundation that relies on positivity, trust and mutual growth



How is Positive Training Different?

Taking the dog for a walk

What Can You Teach with Positive Reinforcement?

Anything! Positive training can be used to teach dogs everything - from basic manners to complex agility sports or service skills! Positive training is also great for addressing existing issues like separation anxiety, chewing, or reactivity towards other dogs or people.