Day Training

Sometimes, having a dog can feel overwhelming! Finding time to invest in training your dog consistently can feel nearly impossible.

So while you work, grab coffee with friends, go to the gym, or grocery shopping, I do the heavy lifting for you.

Progress is quicker when you let a professional trainer work directly with your dog, to address and resolve any issues you may be facing.


This hands-on training will take place at your house and will focus on getting your dog to reach your goals as quickly as possible, without the need for you to be present.

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Private Day Training Packages


Recommended Behaviors for Day Training

Hungry Dog

Basic Manners

Basic mannres is the foundation of any human-dog communication.

It includes behaviors that will help you communicate with your dog on a daily basis like:

sit, down, stay, leave it, leash manners, come, and crate training.

Sometimes, our dogs have more energy than we do!

It can be difficult to find ways to provide healthy outlets for stimulating and enriching your dog.


By providing your dog with new ways to decompress, not only will you and your dog be more comfortable together, but you'll help your dog live a happier, healthier life.

The best part? Each week brings something new for your dog to learn!


Energy Management

Whether you've just brought a puppy home for the first time, or you're facing challenges with an older dog, we can work on it!

We will set the right milestones for you and your dog, and have your dog learn where bathroom breaks are appropriate.

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Potty Training

Many Dogs

Leash Manners

It can be a frustrating and potentially scary experience to walk a dog that constantly pulls or lunges when they're on a leash. 

This type of behavior is difficult to resolve alone, as dogs usually have a long history of being reinforced or allowed to pull/lunge on leash.

I'll teach your dog essential leash manners, and I'll provide you with tools to maintain our progress, to ensure easy and comfortable walks for you and your dog.