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About Me

Working in the corporate world for over a decade, I struggled to balance my dog’s needs with a full-time job and my desire for a social life.

Like most city people, I was going to work every day, leaving him cooped up in the house, and then running home at five-thirty to take him out.

I felt like he was paying the price for my busy schedule and in turn, I had to take breaks from my life in order to take care of his needs.

I knew we needed a change. Instead of focusing on our needs separately, I tried to find a way for our needs to meet.

That is how my journey to become a trainer began.

I started to learn more about human-animal communication and realized what my dog and I were missing was a “language”. We didn't have the right tools to communicate with each other, and to enjoy life together to the fullest. 

I found that the right method for me and my dog didn’t exist in books, videos, or classrooms. I had to build my own method that relies on the strongest training tool there is - the bond I have with my dog.

Now, I help others learn how to incorporate their dog into their everyday life,  by building a unique positive training that is customized for them and their dog. 


  • Dog Training Professional, KPA-CTP   

         (Karen Pryor Academy)

  • Dog Training Foundations

         (Karen Pryor Academy)

  • Dog and Cat First Aid 

         (The Red Cross)

  • Human-Animal Bond 

         (North America Veterinary Community)

  • Pet Nutrition Coach

         (North America Veterinary Community)


“We never thought Gus would walk on a leash without pulling super hard. Inbar taught Gus some great leash manners, and now my husband and I can both walk him with confidence!”

Danielle and Gus

Virtual Private Training

New York, NY