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Having a Dog

Shouldn't Feel

Like a Chore.

(And neither should training!)

Having a dog and facing behavior challenges can sometimes feel like your dog is becoming a chore, and fixing those behaviors is a long, demanding process.

No matter what challenges you face with your dog, you still have a powerful training tool that is often overlooked - the bond you've formed with your dog.

I believe that bond is the key to any training program.

Together, we can build on that bond, and expand on what is already there to resolve any challenge that you may face. Both you and your dog will enjoy a smoother, more effective training experience, that is based on love and trust.

Enjoy your dog for the true companion they are meant to be.



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We'll discuss the behavioral goals you want to set for your dog, and learn tools to manage any unwanted behavior.

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Break the limits of what you can do with your dog. Enjoy them as a bigger part of your life, and find new levels to your bond.

Ginger has become way less fearful, and way more confident. Everything is easier now! Walking her, leaving her at home alone, and even having guests playing with her.

Ella and Ginger
In-Person Private Training
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